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The Dating Channel’s Advice Page

The following Guidelines are designed to allow you to enjoy The Dating Channel’s services safely and with peace of mind.
Please remember that when using The Dating Channel service it is wise to take a few simple precautions to ensure your safety. For all the great experiences online dating can create, there are also some dangers too. These can be minimised with just a little common sense and some forethought. The trick is to stick to some general rules so you can safely explore and date on the web and if you’ve got the guts through the TV B on TV… Deciding where to meet for a relaxed first date should be given some serious thought. Here are The Dating Channel’s top tips:
Never give your last name, home address, phone number or other ways someone can find you. Stop communication with anyone who pressures you for this information or who writes things that make you feel weird or uncomfortable.
Pay attention to red flags. Steer clear of someone who gets angry, frustrated, or puts pressure on you, or says negative things about you, your family, or friends. Remember, people you meet on the Internet may not be who they say they are.
Arrange to meet for coffee or lunch rather than dinner when arranging to meet for the first time. Not only are you safer in broad daylight but you don’t waste time if it doesn’t work. There’s nothing worse than being stuck for hours with someone with whom you don’t have much in common. Help prevent any misunderstanding by being polite but honest. If you don’t fancy them just say, for example “You’re a great person, but unfortunately, not what I was looking for”.
Go publicly – go safely! It’s always advisable to meet in a public place. If at any time you become uncomfortable, engage in a conversation with a member of staff, perhaps a waiter/waitress, so it’s obvious you’ve been seen with them. Having your own travel arrangements to and from the date is also a good idea.
Don’t invite strangers to your home and don’t go to theirs until you know them very well. Similarly, don’t divulge too many personal details, too early on.
Trust your gut instinct. Are they using the service for the right reasons or are they looking for something different?
Always give the details of your date to several friends and/or family – where you’ll be, the time you’ll meet, the details of who you’re meeting and how you met. Phone to let them know all is well. Your date should understand that your safety and your loved ones’ peace of mind should be their concern too. Be safe and have fun!
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Whether you’re going ‘on a first date’ or you’re at the ‘getting to know you’ stage of a relationship here are some dating Dos and Don’ts from The Dating Channel team. Some hints on what to say, what to wear, how to flirt successfully and how to secure that ever so important second date!
Be sincere – cheesy lines like “your eyes are like two dazzling stars in the evening sky” just don’t cut it.
Don’t be forceful and take things slow – you want to leave with the date of your dreams not the bouncer.
Eat like you normally would – pushing your food round the plate with a fork or eating like a starved dog isn’t very attractive.
Drink in moderation – nobody likes a drunk date who wants to tell you their life story and later tells the waiter they love them.
Be original and have a sense of humour – this will break the ice. Sitting in silence will bore your date and have them trying to escape through the toilet window.
Make the first move when the time is right – you only live once and you’ll spend the rest of the week regretting it if you don’t.
Visit a place of shared interest. You’ll have enough to talk about and will be able to avoid awkward moments and difficult silences.
Plan where you want to go together – this avoids embarrassing situations like taking your teetotaler date to a wine tasting session.
Make dress codes clear. Your date may be mistaken for a royal if they turn up wearing a ball gown to the Odeon.
Watch for body language – if your date is making paper aeroplanes out of the napkins or picking their nose then we can guarantee they’re not interested.
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Don’t leave your mobile on so that you can chat to your mum about her corns, but do leave it on silent for emergencies.
Never pretend you like doing something you actually don’t. You risk upsetting your date if they find out you lied.
Don’t eat before a date – especially before a dinner date or eat food containing garlic or little herbs that get stuck to your teeth.
Try not to forget your wallet and plenty of money. If you’re a guy this is paramount. If you’re a lady then you may want to go halves on a first date to make it neutral.
Only go to the cinema on a first date if it’s your last option. You can’t talk, you can’t see each other, and those partial to fifty winks may find themselves waking up at the end of the film with their head on somebody else’s shoulder dribbling down their shirt.
Try not to look desperate. Buying expensive gifts like diamond rings or wearing so much make-up you look like Barbara Cartland or Christina Agulera.
Don’t ask to go back their place after the date – wait for them to offer. Try not to make it too obvious that you want something more.
Don’t stand them up, make stupid excuses or get your mates to ring if you want to cancel a date or reschedule.
Put aftershave and perfume on in moderation. Giving your date an asthma attack without knowledge of first aid is a big no, no.
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